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This year is Hossmoor's 20th Anniversary! We're celebrating with Seven Shows. In addition to our Annual *** Dressage Show on May 6th, we are holding Three Dressage Schooling Shows and Three English / Western Schooling Shows. All have Ribbons to 6th, & Prizes to 1st. Both Schooling Show Series offer Trophies to High Point Winners in each Division, and a Reserve Champion prize and ribbon and Champion Belt Buckles to High Point Champions for the series, in each division! Here are the entries with more details about each show option!
Upcoming Events

September 2: Dressage Clinic with Tigger Wright at 2pm Flyer

September 10: Sun, Dressage Schooling Show 3 Judge: Rebecca Armstrong L Flyer

September 23, 2-4 pm Horse Health Day Flyer
A Free Presentation on "Best practices to keep your horse healthy & fit." Presentations on this vital topic by Dr. Mike O'Brien, Dr. Melissa Kielty, and Dr. Carol Ormand, Dentist Ben Koertje, and Paula Wittler from Zoetis. Appetizers, desserts, water, and wine will be served. RSVP to Cowgirl@Hossmoor.com. First 15 to RSVP receive height / weight tapes!

September 30, Fall Vaccination & Dental Clinic with Dr. O'Brien and Dentists Ben Koertje, Aulani Patricio, and Richard Jack. Sign up sheet in the covered arena.


October 3-8 Point Reyes Horse Camping Ride for Boarders and Their Friends
Make reservations for the days that suit you. October 3 pot luck dinner at 7 pm. THIS IS NOT A CATERED EVENT, so make your own plans for food. Hetty will be onsite from the 3rd until noon on the 7th. This is a casual, fun way to do it. We can cluster together, or spread out, but we will have a campfire going, so bring folding chairs to sit around a socialize, get warm and maybe have morning coffee. The trails are wonderful and the horse camp closes on October 31, so let's get a ride in before that!

October 12, 9:30 am Last Vaccination Clinic for Fall. If you miss this one, you'll have to make your own arrangements for vaccinations. Oct 31 is last possible day to turn in your proof of vaccination and NEW PROOF A VET OR DENTIST HAS EXAMINED YOUR HORSE'S MOUTH and says he/she doesn't need dentistry at this time! This is new. We want to be sure none of the horses at Hossmoor ever have neglected teeth to the extent that it is unhealthy for them.

October 28 Hossmoor Play Day for Boarders only. Plan on playing fun games on horseback - for all ages, and all types of horses! Don't hold back, it's really fun! Musical paddocks, egg & spoon races, you name it we'll have it!

10/31 - 11/5 Grant Ranch Horse Camping
The road in is awful, but the horse camp is wonderful, and so are the trails! Each campsite has pipe pens. There's one big fire pit to share. Pot luck on the 31st, and we can caravan in, if you want. Make your own reservations for the days you want to be there. THIS IS NOT A CATERED EVENT. Hetty will be there the 31st until noon of the 4th.
December 9 - Hossmoor Holiday Party in the Covered Arena!
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